'I have recently done my UCAT and obtained a score of 3030 and Band 1 situational judgement, I’d like to help people out, and seemed to be replying to comments saying the same thing over and over, so thought I’d put a post out with my thoughts ☺️

I used examvibes for my practice because its free and has a good selection of questions. Remember to signup for the free account to tap hidden revision tools that require a login.

I set a schedule for practice of the UCAT, starting at around the 1st of August for my exam on the 21st, so people can see that you do not need to prepare for months beforehand to get a good score!

For VR, I’d say definitely do not read the passage in full straight away, briefly skim it, then read the question and search the passage for the information. Perhaps make a mental note of what each paragraph is about so you know roughly where to find the information. The UCAT requires more inferences rather than just pulling info from the text. For QR, I’d say get confident on percentages, as this comes up a lot, and do not panic!


Timing can be a struggle for QR as there’s a lot to comprehend in a short space of time, however the flag tool is a godsend! Guess (in case you dont have time) and then come back to questions at the end. Also, look out for conversions as these come up a lot. Get very confident with use of the calculator, number pad when practicing is a HUGE help, as this will improve your speed. For AR, something which really helped me is flagging. If you do not see the pattern within a set after 30 Seconds MAX, flag every question in that set and move on from it. You can come back at the end and I found most of the time, looking at something a second time, I could more easily identify a pattern! Situational Judgement is a difficult thing to learn, however there are common themes and common questions that come up. I used my whiteboard for DM mostly, but also QR and even AR, and found it a very useful tool to have. During my exam, each time I moved onto a new question there was a large loading circle for about half a second. If this happens to you DON’T panic, as it doesn’t eat into your time for the test! I hope this helps people ! Best of luck to everybody and do not panic!

The examvibes system is designed to help you learn quickly and to retain more information. If you dont have much time for revision this is ideal for you.

The focus is on understanding the concept behind each question then timed practice again and again till you get the score you require aided by music induced neuroplasticity [MIN] to reinforce your learning outcomes.

MIN - The activity in your brain determines everything you feel and do. If you have difficulty concentrating and learning it is due to the level of your brain activity. Specifically the balance of alpha (10hz) and gamma waves (40hz). Neurofeedback is a way to train brain activity by biofeedback. Music [Music Induced Neuroplasticity] can trigger plastic changes in the brain, as evidenced by the rich history of structural and functional neuroimaging studies.

To gain the maximum from the music induced neuroplasticity please wear headphones for the duration of the test. Good luck in your exam prep. Read more about MIN

I hope you find my method helpful. You are welcome to use this resource free of charge and do share it with your friends.

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