I took my UCAT in September 2015 and scored a total of 3050, which placed me in the top 10% for that year. But a month earlier I had the UCAT looming with no clear idea of how to move forward.

The UCAT purports to measure 'inherent intelligence' i.e the intelligence that cannot be trained and is not based on knowledge. On a first run through the practice papers on the UCAT site I felt anything but intelligent scoring less than 500 in all sections.

My problem: how to improve 'intelligence' and hence my score in 30 days? Some of my friends went on expensive prep course and others paid for online resources. But fortunately for me I learnt about neuromodulation and its benefits in improving concentration and learning. I developed my own system of studying that put me in the 90th centile and got me entry to the uni of my choice at no cost other than 30 days of regular work. After years of improving the system I am sharing my method with you.


This system is designed to help you learn quickly and to retain more information. If you dont have much time for revision this is ideal for you.

The focus is on understanding the concept behind each question then timed practice again and again till you get the score you require aided by music induced neuroplasticity [MIN] to reinforce your learning outcomes.

MIN - The activity in your brain determines everything you feel and do. If you have difficulty concentrating and learning it is due to the level of your brain activity. Specifically the balance of alpha (10hz) and gamma waves (40hz). Neurofeedback is a way to train brain activity by biofeedback. Music [Music Induced Neuroplasticity] can trigger plastic changes in the brain, as evidenced by the rich history of structural and functional neuroimaging studies.

To gain the maximum from the music induced neuroplasticity please wear headphones for the duration of the test. Good luck in your exam prep. Read more about MIN

I hope you find my method helpful. You are welcome to use this resource free of charge and to share it with your friends.

Lets start !

Select a question type from the options on the left and then select the number of questions you wish to try. All questions are timed. If you login you can get stats on your performance.

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